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Image by Olia Gozha

LAVA Scholarship

LAVA-vzw plans to award a LAVA scholarship to an (openly) autistic academic at doctoral or postdoctoral level. With this we want to emphasize that autism and academic research can not only go together perfectly, but also that this happens in a wide range of research domains. The aim of the grant is to correct the stereotypical image of autism in a positive and constructive way for LAVA-vzw. We offer the researchers a grant amount that enables them to participate in an activity of their choice that is relevant to their research. We also enable them to present their research to a wider audience at our LAVA symposium. Finally, we hope that this grant will help publicize their research.


Although autistic autism researchers are of course welcome to apply for the LAVA scholarship, any research domain is eligible. The jury consists of two autistic academics who are also members of LAVA-vzw and three professors at various Flemish university institutions.


More details can be found in this movie in which drs. Anoushka Thoen presented the LAVA scholarship proposal at the LAVA symposium of '22. We do emphasize that we can only start the practical organization of this fair this year (2023) and that the first presentation is therefore planned for the LAVA symposium to be organized in 2024.

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